Saturday, October 18, 2014

Edge of the Ngorongoro Crater

We have been flying and sight seeing since we left Cape Town and to pooped at night, or no WiFi. We flew to Johanasburg, had lunch in the airport, then flew to Victoria Falls. We walked along the river that feeds Victoria Falls (will remember the river when not so tired), and viewed the falls on our walk. Very impressive, but was told it's dry season and we should come back when the water is raging. What we did do is take a helicopter ride over the falls. So exciting! We then were taken to Livingston Island on the edge of the falls where we were served lunch under a tent in view of the water and rainbows.

We then flew back to Johanasburg and stayed overnight. The next morning we flew to Nirobi and the next day we took off and landed three times to get to Lake Maynara for our first game drive.

We stayed at a lovely lodge, the Sanctuary. That's our lovely room above. We then drove the Ngorongora Crater discovering game as we drove. 

So far we have seen elephants, zebra, giraffe, lions and their kill. African cape wilderbeats and worthogs. There are many gazelle and water buck. Babies are in abundance because it's spring. We visited a Maisi village today and went into their homes and they danced for us. They have no electric, running water or cars. 

Tomorrow we go to the Seringetti by plane. We hope to see cheetahs and all the mentioned above. Oh, we saw a rare rhino, ther are only 30 left in the crater.

Love to you all.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

2nd day in Cape Town adventures

In the early AM we headed out for the Cape of Good Hope. There are only four of us including our selves. The couple traveling with us is from Brookline outside of Boston. As we drove, we were stopped by a group of baboons walking along the road. They have no fear, and crawled on top of the car behind us and tried to pry open their window. Our guide said you have to keep everything locked in this area, because they can get in your house windows and doors. Good reason to move. They are not tame and give a wicked bite and are stronger than they look. They were healthy looking, probably we'll fed.

As we approached the Cape of Good Hope, there were ostrich walking along the road. It is odd looking at such a large bird. We were not allowed out of the car, because they kick as fierce as a horse.

The rock at the left of the photo below designates the point of Cape of Good Hope. The wind was howling, you could barely stand, and the ocean was fierce. You can see why sailors fear it. I have better shots in my camera, but always try and take some with my iPad so I can post them.

At dinner we were hosted by a local couple, Steve and his wife Carol. Steve is a guide for Macato and loves to give parties. He grilled ostrich and springbok (a local deer like animal). Delicious! We had a wonderful South African wine, and have found that there are many great wines here.

Stere and Carol, have two cute children and two rescued dogs I fell in love with. Miss our Mia! 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cape Town

We had a great day of walking to Big Ben and Westminster Abby, then a 2 hour walk along the Thames before we left for our 12 hours of flying to Cape Town. 

Spent our first day walking about Cape Town and had a wonderful massage before we slept for 12 hours. Today, our second day in Cape Town, we went on a cultural tour. My highlight was shopping for a woman named Rosie, who lives in one of the massive slums in Cape Town, and cooks for over 150 children each day. We delivered the food and meet her and her children. Her children were given oranges for a snack and became fascinated my my iPad. She is an example of selfless giving. 
Tomorrow we go to Cape of Good Hope and vineyards. Love the people of South Africa.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Arrived in London

We arrived this morning about 9:30AM London time. There were so many people at Heathrow, I felt like I was at JFK. the weather is rainy, cold and breezy. We are staying at the lovely Stafford hotel by Buckingham Palace. The flag is up and the Queen is home. We walked in the pouring rain around Knightsbridge trying to stay awake.  It rained so hard at one point we went into a local pub, The Shakespeare Victoria, and had meat pies and ale of course, we were so hungry. We just finished walking through Picadilly and the high end Bond Street area. I have never seen so many Bentlys in one place, with their man shinning the car while they shopped. The cars were wet, oh my! We have time tomorrow to walk through Kensington Gardens and see if William and Kate are home. Our plane leaves for Cape Town at 9:30PM and we enter a completely different culture. Exciting.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5 days and counting

Working on packing light, but with two weeks of touring and a week of safari, not easy. Can you believe I'm only taking 3 pairs of shoes!! There has been a lot of reading and discussing of the problems in Africa, and have decided to put my faith in the tour company and my online contact with the US State Department. I think Hesse demos are working for me, let's find out if it works with friends and family.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This is a test for the blog I would like to post about my upcoming trip to Africa. Margot Brill and I leave Oct 5th, and I hope to write each day about our adventure. 
Perhaps I'll bore you early -  we have received our shots and are now trying to be prepared for 5 Star hotels and the "bush". Quite a combo. I have a feeling the "bush" is not as ruggard as we all read about in novels. Getting my life in order in case I have an exciting adventure, but condo living makes it easy to lock the door and go. Don will be living the life of the King of Atlanta at his daughter's home and will come home quite spoiled. 
I will try and link this with family and friends, please let me know if you receive this.

Keith family beach buggy.
I hope our safari truck is as much fun.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Tidal Pool

11x14 Oil on Canvas SOLD

This is a comissioned painting. I had a great time with the rocks and reflections in the pool. I love the coast of Maine.